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Future - Peacoat (Audio)

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Future online:

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KyVo Finessed : 2021 with it
Amir baxshi : BINGOoOooO Hendrix meeeeeen.
Zean Santos : 2:02-2:10
Kisha Black : Ok okay
Rich Doee : Pardon my luggage

-Vuitton Don

Peacoat Guide - How To Buy & Pea Coat Style Tips

Discover more about the iconic Peacoat, Its history, sizing style tips and where to buy.

Click here to get to the full Pea coat Guide:

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I'll briefly discuss the Pea coat's history, its characteristics, the fabric and how you can buy one and what you pay attention to.

It's not entirely clear where the Peacoat actually came from:
- There is a Dutch version that says it came from the word "pijjakker".
- There is a Reefer version which came from the men who climbed up the mast.
-Others say it was the British manufacturer Camplin in the 1850s who invented it.
-Some others argue that it first appeared in the tailor and cutter in 1869 as a pea jacket.

One of the most important parts of the Pea coat is its fabric. The fabric used for Pea coats is called Melton, which is a woven fabric usually made of a 100% wool sometimes with a cotton weft. I suggest you go with a hundred percent wool versions which are higher quality and overall the coat is not that expensive.

One of the defining parts of the Pea coat is its collar. It's called an ulster collar, it's very wide and it allows you to actually pop it up and button it that's why you have an extra button here on the side, that way, you're protected from the elements and it keeps you really warm when it's raining or when it's windy.

A Pea coat has 8 buttons, it's always double breasted so four on one side and four on the other side. Then, you have a 9th button on top that allows you to wear your collar closed and protect yourself. The traditional pea coat buttons have a little anchor on them and are black plastic buttons and they're very popular and you see them all over the place today.

Even brands like Ralph Lauren have come up with their own interpretation of that style but if you go to a regular military surplus store, they will definitely have the original navy issue pea coat. Of course, they've changed a little bit over the years but basically, you just have two options, you have black plastic buttons or you have gold brass buttons. The black plastic buttons are reserved for sailors at the US navy whereas the gold buttons with the eagle on them are reserved for officers and chiefs.

The traditional cut of the pea coat is rather slim and it's actually wide at the bottom because the reefers had to move up and down the mast so they need a little bit more space. Usually, you will either see two short side vents or no vents or center vents for pea coats.

The length of the pea coat is very important and it just reaches down to your hips maybe just a little below your hips but not any longer. Basically, you can cover a jacket with it and it's just a good alternative to have in your closet because it provides a different more youthful look.

Pea coats have been around for a long time and even today, you can find old ones from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or whenever. Every Pea coat comes with a little bit of history, you can usually find the owner's last name in there and if it was a US navy pea coat, you can always find the four last digits of the social security number.

There is a store called Sterlingwear in Boston, I suggest you look on eBay, military surplus stores or consignment stores, you'll always find them there and they are usually well under a hundred dollars and considering the quality and the warmth, it's an amazing deal. Make sure you get the heavy about 24 ounce, 750 grams melton cloth.


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Gentleman's Gazette
Christian Pastrano : I found a Navy blue peacoat with gold buttons at a antique store. Heavy and mint. Beautiful coat
J Gomes : thank u sir!!!
andrew kelly : Thanks for posting the his video.
Yannick J. : I love Pea Coats. Since I tend to have highly informal situations like working out and a overcoat would look redicolous with sweatpants. So I really like the versitility.

However I also found that the military peacoats I could find in thriftstores, where usually cut way to boxy for my tall and slim self.
varun009 : 80% is very acceptable.

Future - Peacoat [Official Video]

Directed by Rick Nyce for Freebandz Films

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Julian Correa : 2016>2020
Justin Sargalis : this song fucking cranks
ひ : Bruh didnt even kno this song had a video wtf
Guillermo Herrera : A
Julian Correa : ₩£$T




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