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Behringer X32 - Basic Mixing 101-1 - Intro & Layout

This is a new series I am starting, Audio 101. This will train your starting sound techs on the basics of using the Behringer X32. Using these videos will give a good solid root to a new sound tech using this board and is a great kick start to then go onto my other more advanced videos.

This video specifically goes over the layout of the Behringer X32.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out my new website for the latest news and updates!

Drew Brashler
Gabriel and Ana Zuber : I bought this one also and I can't manage to get the sound on the speakers. I want more then 2 speakers and want to be able to have the volume set up for each but I cannot do it. Can you help me?
Ricardo Armenta : Our church was given one of these boards, and I really appreciate these "how to" videos. You are a blessing for doing this! I am asking everyone to watch your videos and this 101 playlist is the best place to start.
Ethan Chezum : i think is mic is going through the x-32
Mark Fangrad : One thing I still find missing.....a video that shows you how to do the initial setup of a mixer from out-of-the-box. My church just bought an x32. What high-level considerations do I need to take into account?
CLSTV : good day i have x32 compact mixer which i want to used at my studio but can i connect like 4 pairs of studio monitors to the console and control each speaker with a individual knob on the mixer

5 Typical Mistakes Made By Behringer X32 Users - And Midas M32 - And How To Avoid Them X32 Tutorial

In-depth discussion on each of these points with visual examples. Live sound reinforcement how to video with tips and tricks. Behringer X32 and Midas M32 digital console tutorial. At the end, an example of a rather serious problem that arises and is often blamed on everything except operator error. A misunderstanding that is actually the root of the problem. That point illustrates and ties into all of the other steps.
X32 and M32 Tutorial

Script files and other tutorials in PDF format as well as scene and library files are available for Patrons at Patreon Page:
Amazon Affiliate Links-
Behringer XR18 on Amazon:

Midas MR18 on Amazon:

Behringer X32 on Amazon:

Shure SM58 Mic on Amazon:

Shure Beta 58 on Amazon:

Identifying common mistakes and the problems and symptoms they cause is what this video is for as well as to help eliminate these lurking issues. Of course to help explain why these might happen in the first place.

0:00 Start
1:01 Improper Gain Settings
3:36 Faders, Mutes, and Send usage at soundcheck
6:32 Not Using Channel High Pass Filters (AKA Low Cut)
9:21 Overuse of EQ/Improper Use of EQ
12:37 Mixing on the Gain Knobs/Constantly Tweaking Gain Knobs
13:54 Example of a Common But Very Problematic Issue That Occurs and Trips Up Many People

The information is also relevant to other consoles, including the very similar XR18 or Midas MR18, but the examples in the video are recorded using a Behringer X32 with FW4.04 installed (and this is functionally the same on the Midas M32). Also, the latest version of X-Edit software (X-Edit PC V4.2) can be seen in use in some places in the video. This is the same as the Midas M-Edit PC software. The Mac software is also very similar.

These general mixing topics are relevant to consoles from other manufacturers too, but obviously the surfaces and GUI will look different on those.

The information is mainly geared to live audio production but also has some recording fundamentals in it as well. It should be pertinent to techs, bands, schools, auditoriums, houses of worship, volunteers and those new to mixing, and anyone new to the X/M32 mixers, as well as those making a transition from analog to digital consoles. Perfect info for any venue with these consoles as part of their installed sound system.

The information about EQ is presented in a general sense. EQ is subjective, at least to a point, so I can only speak in general terms about EQ and EQ concepts. There is no perfect EQ setting, and the microphone, mic placement, instruments, backline (stage amps/drums) and musician/vocalist all play a factor in the final settings, as well as the operator's ears. Still, staying within the norms of these typical concepts presented here should help you build a more solid baseline to find and tweak settings.

Also, it should be noted, if you're coming at this from the POV of a studio engineer, the physics of a live performance are more limiting than what you might be used to in the studio. The concepts are the same, but typically, in a live situation, a more conservative approach will usually pay dividends. A couple of reasons here- One of which is that feedback isn't nearly the problem in the studio as it is on a live stage. Many venues don't have the best of acoustical environments. Right there with that- Volume, headroom, speaker dispersion, and the limits of sound system speaker abilities at show levels aren't really that much of a studio issue either. You can push some things in the studio without consequence that you can't get away with live. Especially, in smaller venues and with smaller sound systems.

Monitor Setup video for the Behringer X32 and Midas M32:

X32/M32 Monitor Mixing/Setup playlist centered around this video:

Behringer X32 / Midas M32 Tutorials:

Suggested video:
Five Tips For Better Live Vocal Mixes:


Channel link for more X32, M32, XR18, MR18 and other audio production instructional videos:


Behringer Download Link for Firmware updates and PC (and Mac) X-Edit software:

This is a Behringer X32 Tutorial / Live sound tutorial (including also being a Midas M32 tutorial ) with mixing tips and tricks for bands, clubs, studios, church sound, and other venues and users including live sound reinforcement and recorded audio information (live, stage, or studio / home studio). Behringer X32 setup (and Midas MR32 Setup) information.

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Théo Aglaganian : Hello, I never post on tech video like this but this time I will. I have an issue with my gain.
The gain at my church is set really since I join the service. For the mics I know for sure that if I increase them above +15 it will go into the speakers and make a big larsen.

I see on the compressor that a another gain could be set.

My question is, if I turn down the gain on the compressor section can I increase the gain from the gain/preamp section?

Thanks for the vid btw
Paul-Emile Jocelyn Jean : "font assume everything under the HPF cut is gone" put a HPF in every channels is a (big and usual) mistake in part for the same reason reason why you say that HPF sould be always on on every channel.....
Seroom NZ : Glad to watch this and know I got the basics right at least .

My only difference is on the gain go live where someone sends less signal during sound check, I set gain based on that, then they drive it on live sending more signal than the gain is set for. I then prefer to pull a little gain, it’s usually only a few db and it resets the volume on everything dependant on that channel, front of house, in ears and floor monitors, live stream etc. It rarely happens as I’m on stage with a tablet standing next to the artist and over time they know how to give me what I need.

Thank you for the great info.
Gianni : Hi. Do you know if I can use the Midas DL32 stagebox with the Behringer X32 Rack? Are they totally compatible?
Electro Tech Base Malayalam :

Behringer X32 Console Training Pt 1

Basic functions of the Behringer x32 digital mixing console

Credit to Allen and Chad from Pyxis Industries for allowing us to record the training.
For more information on Pyxis visit
rusin jeff : I used your video for most of what I’ve learned. You described things in a simple manner. I’m not being mean but that drew guy knows too much lol and seems to assume everybody is as knowledgeable as him. I get confused 30 seconds into one of his videos. Thanks for the good work
seth comedy : i want a video teaching how use setup on the screen
esbardo hernandez : Training part 1. Does that mean I don't have any idea of what you're talking about. Whatever your last scene was it will be there for you to look at. I just turned on the x32 for the first time. There shouldn't be a last scene. No of these supposed teacher have any idea how to teach. Right into talking about things that are greek to the beginner.
KAIVILI : Can anyone help me please .. Ive got an x32 compact mixer . Im using it
with Abelton Live . Can i use the outputs channel 17-32 on my x32 ?.
When i select channel output 32 in abelton ie i get no signal on the x32
mixer . im doing something wrong..
Rob F : In my church we plan to buy a smaller X32 for the 24/7 Prayer room. So it helps me.




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